Gemini Moon Press is spearheaded by international multi-bestselling author Tracey Rampling Brown. Our mission is to expand and inspire expansion through the collective sharing of Divine Feminine & Sacred Ancestral wisdom.

For a long time it wasn’t safe for women, healers, and lightworkers to be seen or heard, and while we often immediately think of the Burning Times, the truth is that our silence has continued to be kept and encouraged through the evolution of modern society. So much of the innate wisdom that was passed down through the ages has been lost and continues to be lost through suppression and disconnection from our inner knowing and awareness of the intertwining of the natural rhythms throughout our bodies and into the world around us.

Gemini Moon Press seeks to provide a safe platform for women to speak their truth and share their stories—but even more than that, heal the sisterwounds that have kept us separate and hoarding our wisdom as secret for fear of betrayal, criticism, and judgement. Our collaborative book projects are carefully curated to ensure that all contributors are energetically aligned to inspire, empower and lift each other. 

Tracey was inspired to create Gemini Moon Press after spending years playing both sides of the publishing game—having self-published short fiction, provided ghostwriting services, editing and academic formatting to entrepreneurs, and participating in collaborative book projects both as author and back-end publishing support.

As a multi-passionate, Tracey’s experience gave her a unique view of how all the pieces came together, and saw an opportunity to take an existing model and turn it into something she believes will be even more exciting for those who are called to join her on this journey.

Gemini Moon Press offers three separate services within its scope:

  1. Multi-author Collaborative Book Projects—a perfect starting point for both aspiring and established authors to share their message and build their author platform and network.
  2. Solo Book Projects—for authors who are ready to step into their full expert authority as a leader in their field.
  3. Publishing Support Services—Gemini Moon Press specialises in Amazon bestseller launch campaigns and optimisation of global category selection for other indie publishing houses.

"I just LOVE these Promo Images!!! Thank you Tracey Rampling for creating such deliciousness for this Epic project. The Promo images are the BEST i have seen… ANYWHERE! And I am so GRATEFUL to have you on team 💟⭐️💃🏻💎🦋🌸🦄😘"

- Mary Gooden, CEO of Divine Destiny Publishing

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our chat today. I feel so supported and am just so thankful for you reaching out, and spending time with me sharing not only how you can help but your visions as well. It’s going to be a fantastic ride!"

- Jenny Alberti, CEO of Introverted, She Wrote Publishing

"I'm just soooo excited for this book launch! Ummmm I did tell you I'm in right???"

- L.H., Contributing Author