Upcoming Title:
Lunar Magic

Weaving the Moon Cycle into Your Everyday Routines and Rituals to Manifest Ease, Flow, and Abundance.

Working with the moon is deeply rooted in the history of the divine feminine, led by wise women, healers, medicine women, and our own maternal ancestors who intuitively followed and worshipped with the cycles of the moon.

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Who is Gemini Press Looking For?

All collaborators must incorporate the moon into their life and business in some shape or form, but the way in which you do it may look like:
  • Shamanism or indigenous practices
  • Lunar witchcraft
  • Divination including, but not limited to: tarot, oracle cards, dowsing, runes
  • Leading moon circles
  • Astrology or Moonology
  • Combining the moon with menstrual cycles and womb wisdom
  • Working with the wider seasonal wheel of the year
  • Gardening/Agriculture by the moon phases and herbalism
  • Crystal healing and gridwork
  • Sound baths or meditation
  • Essential oils
  • Angel work
  • Yoga
  • Human Design & Gene Keys
  • Ayurveda
  • Numerology
  • and any other possibility not outlined above!

Women's stories are as powerful, inspiring, and terrifying as the goddess herself. And in fact, these are the stories of the goddess. As women, we know her because we are her. Each woman, no matter how powerless she might feel, is a cell within her vast form, an embodiment of her essence, and each woman's story is a chapter in the biography of the sacred feminine.

Jalaja Bonheim
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Contributing Author Investment Packages

What you receive:

  • Mentorship & Support on how to write your chapter & professional bio
  • Editing & Formatting
    • Professional editors that return your chapter to you for minor revisions
    • Professional Formatting for both the digital and paperback versions
  • Cover Design
    • Front & Rear design
  • Publication of digital and paperback versions on Amazon 
  • Amazon Bestseller Launch Campaign
  • Expanded distribution to other online retailers (outside Amazon)
  • Amazon Author Page & Goodreads Author Profile
  • Private Author Community
  • Participate in interviews with fellow authors
  • Podcast/audio book recording of your chapter, narrated by you

New Moon

500 words for your story,
plus 500 words for the ritual/spell book section.

Quarter Moon

1500 words for your story,
plus 500 words for the ritual/spell book section.

Full Moon

3000 words for your story,
plus 500 words for the ritual/spell book section.

Blue Moon

3000 words for your story,
plus 1000 words for the ritual/spell book section.

Premium name billing on front cover.

* Limited to 5 Contributors

***Note: Payment plans are available upon request.

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This book is an important part of our ancestral feminine healing—for leaders like you to step up, share your voice, speak your truth, and heal the collective by giving them the tools they need in order to heal themselves.

Tracey Brown
CEO of Gemini Moon Press