Lunar Wisdom

Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine through Rituals, Spells, Magic and the Phases of the Moon.

Working with the Moon is deeply rooted in the history of the Divine Feminine, led by wise women, healers, medicine women, and our own maternal ancestors who intuitively followed and worshipped the cycles of the Moon.

Unfortunately, much of our intuitive knowing and maternal wisdom was lost during the burning times because our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers learned the hard way that maintaining their silence was the only way to protect us.

But the world has changed, and we have finally realized that the time for silence has ended. We are ready to step up and embrace the power we’ve always held inside but have been disconnected from for so long.

By reconnecting with the Moon cycles, and harnessing her natural rhythm, flow, and energetics, we not only remember, re-align, and become more complete, but we allow ourselves to dream bigger and manifest more powerfully because we’re no longer restrained by the paradigm of fear.

This book is an important part of our ancestral feminine healing—for leaders like you to step up, share your voice, speak your truth, and heal the collective by sharing the tools they need in order to heal themselves.

There is no one “right” way to work with the moon, which is why Lunar Wisdom showcases the knowledge, wisdom, and magic of fourteen divine lunar women including Certified Moonologers, High Priestesses, Witches, and Coaches who incorporate everything from crystals, herbs, astrology, yoga, menstrual wisdom, and somatic principles into their own personal practices. Each woman’s journey is unique in its own way and seeks to serve as inspiration for you to incorporate the elements that resonate for you as you craft your own, perfectly aligned practice.

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Lunar Wisdom is currently available in digital and paperback formats. Audio book coming soon.

About the publisher

Tracey Brown is co-founder of the Women Writing Intentionally Collective, the CEO of Gemini Moon Press, a Certified Moonologer™ and Lunar Business Strategist.

It was Tracey’s love of working with the moon that led her to write her first chapter in a collaborative book project in 2021, making her an international best-selling author.

With a deep-rooted passion for empowering spiritual women and amplifying their voices, Tracey is dedicated to the sharing of Divine Feminine and Sacred Ancestral wisdom.

Under her publishing imprints, Tracey creates safe and nurturing spaces for women to speak their truth, share their wisdom, and heal the wounds of the past. She firmly believes that their narratives deserve to be heard, celebrated, and cherished, as they carry within them the essence of ancient wisdom that can guide and inspire us in the modern world and lay the foundation for collective healing. Her book projects are curated to encourage collaboration and opportunities for women to step into their power and authority.

As a respected writer and speaker, Tracey’s expertise has been featured on renowned platforms such as Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, Medium, and various podcasts, including Yasmin Boland’s Mainly Moonology podcast. Her insights into the intertwining of natural rhythms, ancestral knowledge, and inner wisdom have resonated with audiences worldwide.

Tracey’s first publication, Lunar Wisdom: Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine through Rituals, Spells, Magic, and the Phases of the Moon, provides inspiration and guidance from fourteen diverse lunar women, showcasing various practices that encourage readers to create their own personalized and aligned lunar practice, and now, through the Wounded Women Series titles, Betrayed, Broken, and Burned, she hopes to inspire generations of women to step up, be seen, and join in the power of collective healing.

Although an Aussie girl at heart, Tracey currently splits her time between sunny Northern California and beautiful Northern Italy. She adores her partner, children, and fur fam. When she’s not immersed in her work, you can find Tracey reading, enjoying the outdoors, exploring the world, or taking leisurely walks with her Bengal cat, Maple.

I was honestly surprised by how much I loved this book. The rituals and spells at the end are wonderful, practical, and easy to follow, but the first part of Lunar Wisdom and the focus on the women who wrote it is where it really shines.

I usually read more instructional non-fiction books and I was worried that this would be more like student essays. There were essays here and these women were (and still are) students, but they also teachers and conduits of wisdom. I could see bits of *myself* in all of their stories and lives, even though it would seem like we were nothing alike on the surface.

I could also see parts of myself that I didn't like to think about, but really needed to stop pretending away. This book was a catalyst to reflect on my life, just as these women once did. Through the sharing of their inspiring stories, I felt connected to the authors and even more connected to the moon and to myself than I ever felt before.

When you start reading, I'd recommend journaling your thoughts and impressions as you go. (I wish I'd done so the first time I read Lunar Wisdom.) I also think that this would be a book to re-read as you hit milestones in your life, for you would get something different from the readings each time you do.
Vienna Gusha @ Amazon Vine Voice

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